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<![CDATA[Color Concepts]]>Thu, 21 Jan 2016 01:23:01 GMThttp://jacobsschoolblogging.weebly.com/music-and-photography/color-conceptsI have never understood how the human eye really works, and I don't know if us humans understand how it works either. I have a little thought/theory. How do we know everyone sees color the same? Like how do we know if i see the color red like this: * But to someone else they see it like this: * We have all been taught that red is a certain color, blue looks a certain way as well as every other color. But again how do we know we all see a color the same way, we were just taught that it was that color. For example:

​Let's say the actual color of the Ketchup is: 
And then let let's say I see the color of the Ketchup like this:
Finally, maybe you see the Ketchup this color:
There really is no way to figure this out, think about it. It is a very confusing topic/idea but one you get the concept of it, it really will make you wonder. If you truly do know what I am talking about try and figure out a way we, us humans can figure this out. The eye really is an amazing thing, but do we really know everything about it.
<![CDATA[Dubstep & Electronic Mixes]]>Tue, 19 Jan 2016 19:12:36 GMThttp://jacobsschoolblogging.weebly.com/music-and-photography/dubstep-electronic-mixesSo many people do not like the genre Dubstep or Electronic Music. Too many people think that it just a bunch of loud noises and this music should just be put in the trash. I completely disagree. Dusbstep and Electronic is so under rated and the creators of this music do not get enough credit for what they do. It takes such a creative mind to remix music are create a Dubstep song. Although some Dubstep can be intense, some of it is also very calming, a will listen to calming electronic music to go to bed and even study cause it keeps me calm and focused.  Artists like Skrillex, Diplo, Zomby are well known mix creators but they are put down due to all of the bad media and critiques out there. Due to all of those people this music is known as trash and the reason the music industry is so bad.
<![CDATA[Rap is Garbage Music?]]>Wed, 13 Jan 2016 19:19:46 GMThttp://jacobsschoolblogging.weebly.com/music-and-photography/rap-is-garbage-music Rap music has always been labeled as a disgrace to the music industry. Ever since IceCube, Eazy-E and Dr. Dre were rapping rap was known as a bad/illegal type of music. Now granted back then racism still existed and almost every rapper was black at that time, it is still though labeled as a bad type of music because, all people think rap is about having sex, doing drugs, crime, and gangs. Well it isn't, some songs, yes it is written just about that stuff, but if you truly listen to the song and read the lyrics there is a powerful message in a lot of the songs. Not to mention if you think rap is the only music that gives messages about drugs and sex you should listen to some of the pop music on the radio. It isn't just rap that is "bad" music, pop, country, and alternative music all send the same messages as some rap songs send.
Take the song Roses by the Chainsmokers, it is all about having sex and smoking weed in the back of an abandoned building. Now the rap song Apparently by JCole is about how JCole became a rapper and the way reason he is a rapper is because he followed his dreams even though he was told that he would never become one. Not to mention all the powerful messages in Eminem's songs, Rap isn't a bad type of music, it is just another genre of music, that millions of people enjoy. Rap tells a story, other music doesn't.]]>
<![CDATA[Music is a Second World]]>Wed, 13 Jan 2016 17:43:37 GMThttp://jacobsschoolblogging.weebly.com/music-and-photography/music-is-a-second-worldPicture
To some people music is just some words with a beat playing in the back of it. To others, it is a whole new world. Music is an escape for some. It isn't just "another pop songs" it is another escape to a new world. One song can mean so many things to different people. These songs create a story to help block of the real world. Help to just let you imagine a different place in hard times. Music can actually let you relax and enjoy the little thoughts and joys you wouldn't see otherwise.
 Researchers at Beth Israel Medical Center's Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine conducted the study, and they proved that music helps relax the brain and reduces stress and anxiety levels when you are listening to music that you enjoy. Listening to music you enjoy also helps you concentrate on the task you are doing so you do not get distracted. Music isn't just a song, Music is an escape, and escape to a new world. A world stress, pain and worry free.

<![CDATA[A Photo is Worth 1000 Words]]>Mon, 14 Dec 2015 18:41:19 GMThttp://jacobsschoolblogging.weebly.com/music-and-photography/a-photo-is-worth-1000-wordsIt is amazing how many different stories can be told looking at only one photo. When I look at this photo I see a teenage couple coming back from a long day at the fair. The reason I see this is because of how the photo looks to me, how it looks in my opinion. Everyone else has a different opinion. Somebody else could see a little boy walking home with his parents from a party. I read something that depending on the persons mood and their surroundings in life is what affects their opinion on something. Someone who is sad could see or think a little kid had just let these balloons go and he is crying, someone who is happy could see this as this was the first time a child has been to the fair and he has had a great time. Different people think and see different things, which is why a picture is worth more than a 1000 words.
<![CDATA[Mash-Up Music]]>Mon, 14 Dec 2015 18:19:53 GMThttp://jacobsschoolblogging.weebly.com/music-and-photography/mash-up-musicMash-Up music is some of my favourite music to listen to. In my opinion mash-up- music is another musical artists opinion/taste on what the song could/would sound like. Taking 2 completely different songs and putting them together puts a whole new perspective and thought on the "new" song. Some of the best
mash-ups in my opinion is "You know you like it" mixed with "Fireflies." Before the mashup, the song Fireflies is about an opinion that the world spins to fast and life goes by to fast, we need to just look at the small things in life and live our life to the fullest. The song You Know You Like It is about a drug dealer. All he wants to do is fit in and be loved for who he is but thinks he needs drugs to do so. When both songs are put together they have a whole different meaning.  When it is put together the song is about (in my opinion) a couple slowly falling in love. Why? Because the video in the background has a bunch of different shades of pink and purple. Also there are the odd photo of a man and a women popping up and hearts going around the screen. Mash-ups are a great different forum of music and put a twist on what music really is.]]>